Your Best Tan.

Get a stunning deep bronze tan. Natural, immediate results.

Better Sex.

Enhanced sexual performance. Intensified desire.

Melt Away Fat.

Lower your appetite. Rapidly burn fat.

Melanotan 2

Melanotan 2 stimulates skin cells to produce more melanin, promoting a rapid, deep tan. This amazing tanning peptide also promotes fat loss, appetite suppression, and heightened sexual arousal and libido.

  • Enhanced Natural Tanning

    A healthy, natural tan comes from melanin, the brown pigment in your skin. Melanotan 2 tells your skin to make more melanin, resulting in a faster, darker, better tan.

    How it works

  • Simple Daily Dosing

    Melanotan 2 is taken once a day by injection. Experience fast acting results immediately.

    How to Use it

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Tanning. Fat Loss. Sex Drive.

Better Tan for All Skin Types

Melanotan 2 works for people with fair skin who don't tan easily. It may help you tan quicker and maintain your tan longer. And it may give you a deeper, darker tan.

Accelerated Fat Loss

Melanotan 2 may speed up the rate at which your body uses fat for energy and decrease your appetite, making dieting and fat loss that much easier.

Heightened Sexual Arousal

Melanotan 2 may help both sexes achieve better blood flow to the genitals, improved sexual response, and greater desire for sex.

Uncompromising Standards.

Our Melanotan 2 is tested by High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) and Mass Spectrometry to ensure that you get maximum potency and a superior quality product. 

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